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Mikayla Braun - Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Ukulele
Sam Albright - Bass
Cody Coulon - Drums, Glockenspiel
Steve DeTroy - Hammond B3 (Tracks 1 & 5)
Danielle Ryce - Violin (Track 6)
Rick Nelson - Violin, Viola, Cello (Tracks 2 & 4)
Miles Lyons - Trombone (Tracks 1, 3)
Miles Berry - Saxophone (Tracks 1, 3)

1. Jasmine 

 **Sonic Palate Cleanser: (Night Insects at The Peaceful Hollow - Paw Paw, West Virginia)

2. Slow Down

 **Sonic Palate Cleanser: (Wildlife featuring a Tui Bird - Rotorua, New Zealand)

3. Magic

 **Sonic Palate Cleanser: (Wildlife in Karatu, Tanzania & Kimana, Kenya mixed with the rain of Hurricane Ida as she passed through Silver Spring, Maryland)

4. Angels

 **Sonic Palate Cleanser: (Birds in Dunedin, New Zealand mixed with various chimes in New Orleans, Louisiana)

5. Leap of Faith

 **Sonic Palate Cleanser: (Paihia Beach - Bay of Islands, New Zealand)

6. Bittersweet Goodbye


All Music and Lyrics Written by Mikayla Braun

©℗2023 Mikayla Braun Publishing

Produced by Mikayla Braun & Cody Coulon

Recorded at Marigny Studios, New Orleans, LA

Engineered & Mixed by Rick Nelson, Marigny Studios

Mastered by Keenan McRae, Artisound Production

Cover Photo by Dominique Richard

Album Design by Mikayla Braun


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